Welcome to F1!

In the Nursery our little learners take their education very seriously. By learning through play they are preparing for the exciting challenge of joining Reception.

We have a favourite chant which we use all the time when learning new things.


 'Learning something new, 

is what we do!

Cos, we're getting ready,

for the BIG F2!'


The children are eager to find out about the world around them and so take every opportunity to explore new things and engage in new experiences.

A rich literary environment helps develop the skills they will need to learn to read and write.

A very popular part of our day is the time we spend counting and talking about shapes.

Creative activities, cooking and baking and generally getting messy, are high on our list of priorities.

All children enjoy a close relationship with their key person and this is celebrated each week during circle time and golden time.

The parents are included in the learning journey, their children take, in the Nursery.