Weekly tasks 06.07.20

Weekly tasks 06.07.20


Well done for all the hard work last week. Some tricky spellings! You're all doing so well I'm very proud of you.




This should include...

 1. Mathletics - try to do at least 10 activities.


2. Cracking Comprehension - 2 different comprehensions e.g. a non-fiction and a fiction, or poetry and a fiction etc.


3. Spelling test - on Purple Mash


4. Times Tables - on Purple Mash


5. Accelerated Read - find a book at home that you can complete a test on (let's see who can knock Antonio off the top spot for the work count!)


6. Learn the Geography sticky facts for a quiz on Friday (these are on the Year 4 web page)


7. Listen to Mirror magic on the Year 4 website and web page.


8. White rose maths activities on our Year 4 web page.


9. Purple Mash - there are some grammar and story activities to complete.


10. TT Rockstars


I am looking at all your work and can see who is giving me 5 star effort - keep it up.

Mirror Magic by Claire Fayers


 Our class read now has a page of its own with all the chapters on there. I will upload a new chapter daily for you to enjoy. Then if you head over to our year 4 web page there are some small tasks for you to complete under projects.


Don't forget to complete the short tasks that go with each chapter. These are found on our year 4 web page under projects - I'm looking forward to your feedback.

Geography challenge.


Use the fact file sheet to learn the sticky facts ready for a quiz on Friday. There is a copy in your work folders too.

Listen out for our questions Year 4! Antonio, Keagan and Niall... you're in the Arctic! Video starts about 10 min into the lesson. 
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