Teachers weekly updates

Please check our Year 4 web page for your work this week. 
Good Evening year 4!  We have just received a very special video message, which we were asked to share with you.  Look underneath this message to watch it.  Enjoy!
Mrs Weatherall & Mr Kenwright xx
23rd March 2020
Morning our lovely Year 4 family. 
I'm so sorry I haven't been with you this week, poor Ted has been a little under the weather but is slowly getting better now. Thank you all for being so great for Mr Kenwright as he held the fort in Year 4, he said he had the best time with you all.
So now that school is closed for a bit, I have some things I'd like you to do so you don't get bored!
1. use your work files that are full of reading comprehensions, maths, and science/history/geography (learn those sticky facts!) work. It doesn't need to be done in any order but maybe do a little of it every day.
2. if you have a Mathletics account PLEASE use this - you all have your login details and I'll be reviewing it daily to add more activities.
3. Times Tables Rockstar... let's see if we can knock Theo off the top spot! (school postcode CH44 6QW)
4. READ! Please read your books you took home and read anything you have at home, you never know you might be able to take a test on it and up your word count. Your mission is to beat Antonio! You can take a test here.
There are lots of other links for you to use like; Active Learn, BBC Bitesize, Purple Mash and more on the Home Learning Websites Links.
Finally, I am going to add a weekly mission for you to try. Not every task will require the internet so there's no excuse! When we finally get back together we can look at what amazing work we have done in Year 4.
Take care of yourselves and each other. Help out at home, look after your siblings and BE KIND! Try not to fight over the T.V. remote or shout 'GET OUT OF MY ROOM!' hahaha!
We will all be back together soon.
Thinking of you all,
Mrs Weatherall and Mr Kenwright