Teachers weekly updates


Good Morning Year 2,

We hope you are well and were good on Mother’s day.

Please continue with your work packs and online activities this week. We are monitoring all your online accounts on a daily basis.

On Friday, we will be looking to announce our 5-star of the week during a live assembly at 10am.

Here are a few bonus challenges to keep you occupied:

  1. How many star jumps can you do in a minute? Then, try and beat it. Send your number of star jumps to our twitter page:@Riverside-Pri with the hashtag #AlwaysARiversider
  1. I know you like colouring, so draw and beautifully colour a rainbow and place it in your window of your home. If you are able and well enough go for a walk with an adult and see how many rainbows you can spot. Mrs Bentley spotted 3 yesterday and 5 today!
  1. Draw a picture of our class Bluebell. Ask an adult for tips on how to improve it. Then, try again. Photograph the difference and upload it to our twitter feed.
  1. Keep yourself fit and healthy by joining Mrs Weatherall and Archie for Wake Up Shake Up at five-to-nine and then join the @thebodycoach Joe at nine o’clock for his daily workout.

 Please keep checking our page for exciting challenges and updates.

Stay safe everyone. Much love Mrs Bentley, Mrs Elson and Mrs Richards