Teachers weekly updates

Hello Year 1, we hope you're all keeping well and looking after yourselves.
We would like to say how impressed we have been with all of the work you have been doing whilst at home, including the children that have been logging into their Purple Mash accounts and keeping up to date with all of their activities - well done everyone! It has also been lovely to see some of your work and activities posted to the school Twitter account by your adults - there have been some wonderful activities going on in your homes!
Please continue with your Purple Mash activities, these have been chosen particularly for the lessons you have been taking part in whilst in school. Once you have logged in, please click on the 2dos option to see what we have found for you to have a go at!
This week your activities are as follows:
Write down numbers from 1-50 (use your number lines). How many times can you use the numbers to make 50? For example 30+20= 50. 48+2=50. Don't worry if you're only confident with 0-20.
Can you use addition and subtraction? 
For example use the same instructions as above, but once finished using addition, can you use subtraction (take away)? How many numbers can you use from 0-50?
We would love for you to write a sequence about the Easter bunny!
For example:
First, the Easter bunny hid the eggs.....
Next, we look for the eggs in......
Then, we found the eggs in the.......
Finally, we played ..... with the Easter bunny.
Don't forget capital letters, full stops and adjectives to get your writing super interesting!
We would love for you to be a rainbow in someone's clouds and make your own rainbow out of any art or craft activities you can find around your house! Look for old, coloured socks and cut them up to use for your rainbows! Ask parents/guardians first.
Once complete please pop them in your window and tag on the Riverside twitter page: @Riverside_Pri with the hashtag #AlwaysARiversider.
Miss Williams has updated the website with (Keeping yourself fit and healthy whilst at home) so please look out for this.
Also, keep up with @thebodycoach at five-to-nine for his daily workout.
Please keep checking our page for updates and exciting challenges.
Take care Year One, we're all in this together.
Lots of love,
Miss Williams, Miss Jones and Mrs Campbell
Hello Year 1!
We hope you are having a lovely weekend and are taking care of yourselves.
We just had to share this wonderful message from a special someone that you might recognise...
Have a watch below! 
Miss Jones, Miss Williams (and Father Christmas!)
Riversiders... it's Wednesday!
That can only mean one thing... Mr Dodd's Assembly.

Watch, sing and dance to it together, at 9.30am, here https://youtu.be/_GYvaNgMXOA 
Thank you Mr Dodd! #AlwaysARiversider
Miss Jones and Miss Williams
Dear Year 1,
Good morning! We hope you are really well and are looking after yourselves!
We want to say how fantastic you have all been over these last couple of weeks - definitely 5 star behaviour. Since becoming your teachers in September, you have impressed us and learnt so much and we want you to now show your grown ups how much you know!
Please continue with your work packs this week. How are you finding the Maths challenges? Try and have a look on Purple Mash too!  Have you also managed to do a little act of kindness like Mrs Lahive asked? We have talked about these a lot in our classrooms - remember to always try and make somebody smile.
On Friday, we will be looking to announce our 5-star of the week during a live assembly at 10am.
Here are a few bonus challenges to keep you occupied:
  1. How many star jumps can you do in a minute? Then, try and beat it! Send your number of star jumps to our twitter page: @Riverside_Pri with the hashtag #AlwaysARiversider
  2. Can you count to 50 forwards, and then try counting backwards?
  3. Draw a picture of your favourite animal - can you write a sentence telling us why it is your favourite animal? Remember to use your Phonics.
  4. Keep yourself fit and healthy by joining Mrs Weatherall and Archie for Wake Up Shake Up at five-to-nine and then join the @thebodycoach Joe at nine o'clock for his daily workout.
Please keep checking our page for exciting challenges and updates. Why don't you also try logging on to your Purple Mash account too?
Please take care of yourselves, stay safe, and remember to be kind. We are all very proud of you!
Miss Jones, Miss Williams and Mrs Campbell
Good morning Riversiders! It's Mrs Lahive here!
Hope you and your family are all keeping well. On this page your class teacher is going to be setting you weekly challenges every Monday.
Your first challenge is to complete your work pack that you took home from school and do a little act of kindness for someone everyday.
I want you to do this like the five star Riversider you are.
On Monday your teacher will set you your next challenge.
For each weekly challenge you complete there will be 100 points awarded.
When we get back to school we are going to take all of you who have made a five star effort with your challenges, on the trip of a lifetime!
Challenges will include all sorts of things such as spellings, times tables, art and staying healthy exercises. You do not want to miss out!
Love to you all,
Can't wait for us all to be safely back in school xx