Walliams at the Williamson

19th May 2017
Year 5 Project - Walliams at the Williamson
Year 5 have been very busy this week with their Art Project Walliams at the Williamson.
The project focused on Character expression, exaggerating qualities of chosen characters from the books.
It was a 3D Project developing from the students previous knowledge of chosen characters from any of David Walliams' books.
The considerations for the project were exaggeration, expression and props to identify who the character is.
There were many stages and processes in the project
  • Create form using scrunched up newspaper, parcel tape, white tissue and glue.
  • Add clay to create the features with wire / wool /string to create hair.
  • Fabric dipped in glue for the clothes.
  • Discussion on tone / light shadows on the faces and explored the colours found on a face using limited palettes.
  • Add colour to the background / clothes.
  • Add details such as the props to help identify the characters.
All the children had a very enjoyable few days and would like to thank local artist Amy Swan for coming in to work with us.