Wake up Shake up - 5 to 9 dance

It's Friday, the start of the weekend!
Time for Wake up, Shake up! Enjoy!
It's Thursday get those lasso's ready it's time for Wake up, Shake up!
Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Here is Wake up, Shake up! Today is a KS1 special with a difference - enjoy!
It's Tuesday! Let's Wake up, Shake up.
Good morning Riverside!...its Monday and it's time to 'Wake up, Shake up' with Mrs Marsden.
Also join our friend Corrie doing a daily challenge on twitter on @FullOfBeansFit 
Good morning Riverside...
Let's wake up and shake up ready for the day ahead! Follow me and Archie with today's song - The Macarena!
Now let's join Joe for a short workout, click here to begin.
It's a Riverside favourite... Cha Cha Slide!
This one is Archie's choice...
Thursday (bad hair day = cap!)
We're yelling TIMBER... grab yourself a partner for this one!
I've got a feeling... tonight's going to be a good night!
Good Morning Riverside, it's Monday! .... and that means it's time for ...'Wake up, Shake up'