The Willows

Riverside runs a highly successful inclusion base known as

The Willows.

We provide short-term support for children who are having difficulty coping in a mainstream class and who therefore need additional support in order to develop the necessary skills to access mainstream education.

The Willows is run along ‘nurture group’ principles where the children are given a positive and welcoming environment which supports the development of their social, emotional and behavioural skills.

The children are happy and thrive in the base and they accept the structure of rules and routines.

They enjoy nurturing and fun activities whilst learning how to work and play co-operatively. 

Staff in the base identify situations that individual children find challenging. Activities are then provided which enable each child to overcome their difficulties.

Pupils begin to access mainstream school when it is felt that the child can cope. They usually join their mainstream year group at Riverside and participate initially in lessons they will enjoy and experience success.

The culture and ethos of The Willows room is reflected by the whole school and is key element of Riverside’s inclusive policy.

All staff take ownership of Willows pupils when they access mainstream activities.


‘Inclusion Matters’ is The Willows motto.