Slow down for Bobby assembly

22nd November 2018

The Bobby Colleran Trust works hard to encourage and promote better road safety awareness for children, parents and schools, to help prevent future tragedies like Bobby’s. It is paramount that people are educated in road dangers, which is why we collaborate with communities throughout Liverpool, to encourage children and their families to feel confident and safe when travelling to school, and encourage families to walk and cycle to school, without the fear of accidents. Together we can keep our children safe.


The Bobby Colleran Trust launched their first book ‘Super Bob’ written by local author Jude Lennon. Jude works with the trust to provide interactive, fun and educational assemblies to Primary schools across the North West. ‘Super Bob’ has been a great tool to deliver key messages to children about Road safety.


After the success of ‘Super Bob’, we decided to launch a competition across schools in Liverpool to name our 2nd road safety book all about how parents park and behave on school runs. The winners of that competition were Lister Drive Primary schools class 2W, with the fantastic title S.T.O.P – ‘Superbob Tells Off Parents’ This new book was launched in March 2017 and has great success within the schools we have worked in promoting better parent parking and behaviours around schools.