Science Day

18th October 2016
Riverside held a fantastic all day Science Event on Tuesday 18th October. Miss P organised a wide variety of activities for all children to take part in which kept the children engrossed all day!
The hall held a large portable Plannetarium courtesy of Calday Grange Grammar School which enabled all classes to take part in different presentations ranging from Planets, Volcanoes and even Dinosaurs! This was a big hit with all children and staff!
We also had a very interesting activity co-ordinated by Hi-Impact called Now Press Play. It was a very exciting immersive resource that engaged the children in the curriculum through emotion, imagination and movement. The children all listened to an experience using Bluetooth headphones, which they could interact with and act out.
When taking part in the Plannetarium or Now Press Play the children were tasked with building a a parachute that would protect an egg from cracking when dropped from a great height! The competition between groups was fierce with only a small number of children managing to protect their eggs! Well Done!
Special thanks to Miss P for organising such a great day but also to Hi-Impact and Calday Grange Grammar School for letting us use such a fantastic resource for the day! The children have some great memories from the day with many of them talking about it for the rest of the week!