Red Nose Day LOL-a-thon

Oh what a laugh! To add to the tender tummy muscles here are the class joke winners, brace yourself...

F1 - Kirstie

When is a tractor not a tractor?

When it turns into a field.

F2 - Alfie

What did the trees say to the wind?

Leaf me alone.

Y1 - Archie

Why was the maths book sad?

Because it had so many problems!

Paige Year 2

Why can’t the elephant go swimming?

Because he has no trunks.

Y3 - Ava

Why are pirates so funny?

Because ‘arrgh!’

Y4 - Leon

Knock, knock

Who’s there?

I kill Dr

I kill Dr who?

Arhh you’re horrible!

Y5 - Ashton

Why did the coffee go to the police?

Because it was mugged!

Y6 - Cameron

Why is Peter Pan always flying?

He Neverlands.