Raffle Winners

20th November 2018
Well it is time for the raffle to be drawn...
Thanks to you guys we have raised a whopping £879.10 so far (the money's still coming in!) all for Children in Need.
The raffle was drawn during a celebratory assembly this morning...
Benson's cake winner - Mrs Campbell

Signed Liverpool Football - Mr Weatherall (although Mrs Weatherall is keeping it as a Christmas gift for him ;))

Signed Everton T-Shirt - Miss Devon, however, Miss Devon in not the biggest Everton supporter (she bought a ticket to support Children in Need) and so she drew another ticket from the bucket later that day and the lucky winner was... RHYS EVANS (Y6)! who was astounded when he received the shirt saying, 'I need to keep this away from Gary!'

Everton v Newcastle tickets - Miss Mansell

Everton Tickets - Michael (Y5)