KS2 Playground

18th April 2016

Over the holidays we have had some work done around the school to improve the interior but my main priority is to improve the K.S.2. playground. I have put in several requests to the Local Authority regarding the poor condition of the playground however I am not prepared to let our children play on this yard until repairs have been made.

I know we can not wrap our children in cotton wool and that children will fall over and hurt themselves but we need to make every effort to keep our children as safe as possible while they are playing.

There wll be some inconvenience involved and I ask for your patience while we get the matter sorted .

Morning Arrangements

K.S.2. children  to line up with Year 1 and 2 on their playground.

Home Time Arrangements

Year 5 as usual

Year 3 as usual

Year 4 to go out through Year 3

Year 6 collected from main office (Any children who have brothers or sisters will go to their class)