Teachers weekly updates


 Good morning Nursery! I hope you are all still well and trying your best with work packs and other activities during our time away from school.

This week, why not practice writing your name? Parents could write the name of the child in yellow pen or highlighter and children can write on top. That way, we are keeping up with our skills learned in school! Some of you are already fantastic at writing your first name independently. Why not try writing your last name next!

 Phonics - Sound Focus - 'm.'

This week, our focus will be on the m sound. Your children might say “Maisie, Mountain, Mountain.” Why not go on a hunt round your house to find objects beginning with m? You could take photographs of what you find or draw them! Show us using the #AlwaysARiversider. For forming the letter, use the rhyme ‘Down Maisie, over the mountain, over the mountain.” 


Reading: Look at your food cupboards, catalogues, magazines etc. What company logos can you recognise? E.g. Costa, Disney, Asda, Tesco, Heinz, McDonalds, Peppa Pig etc. Perhaps you could cut them out and stick them on a piece of paper. 

What is your favourite story? See if you can retell it to a grown up.

 Maths - Number

Practice your counting skills. Can you count to 10? Can you count even higher numbers? Keep counting! Let us know how high you can count by tweeting and use the #AlwaysARiversider. You could sing our favourite counting songs too! BBC School Radio is a fantastic resource for songs. BBC Counting Songs

Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer

Five Little Ducks

 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive

10 Fat Sausages

You could look for numbers around your house and say the number you see. Show on your finger the value of the number. Take some photographs to show us what numbers you have found!

 Maths - Shape

Go on a shape hunt in your house and garden! See if you can name the shapes of the objects you see. We are all very good at recognising a door is a rectangle! You could play Name That Shape with your grown ups or brothers and sisters.

Moving and Handling

Why not practice throwing and catching skills in the sun? You could count how many times you catch the ball.

Play the animals walking game! Walk, crawl, slide or bounce like different animals, such as bears, tigers, kangaroos or crabs.

Cosmic Yoga is perfect for relaxing! See our Keeping Healthy page for links to Cosmic Yoga.

Getting Arty

F1, I know how much you love art and getting creative! Why not use paint and make a handprint caterpillar like the one below?

You could even paint lego pieces and stamp them on paper to create a beautiful pattern or design.

Stay safe everybody! Keep up the hard work! 

Love from Miss McNabb and Mrs Owen xxx


Hello F1! We have just received the most exciting message from our friend Father Christmas! Watch his video message below! 
Love from Miss McNabb, Mrs Owen and Santa! x x x
Riversiders... it's Wednesday!
That can only mean one thing... Mr Dodd's Assembly.
Watch, sing and dance to it together, at 9.30am, here https://youtu.be/_GYvaNgMXOA Thank you Mr Dodd!
Hello little Acorns!
I hope you are all keeping healthy and washing your hands to keep those germs away!

Your challenge for this week is to continue with your pack of work. I am sure you are doing so well, please keep it up!

Please see our Keeping Healthy page for some of our favourite indoor exercises!


Your bonus task is to take a look in your garden. Can you see any beautiful flowers, busy bees or curly caterpillars? Draw and colour what you see in your garden. Parents, feel free to print the template below or use plain paper! Link to template here.



Our caterpillars are beginning to turn into pupas. They will soon be butterflies! I have put some pictures up for you to see how much they have changed since we were in school. Don’t worry! They are safe in Miss McNabb’s house and are getting bigger every day! To watch the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, click on Caterpillar to Butterfly


Stay safe and healthy everybody. Keep being 5 star! Miss McNabb and Mrs Owen are so proud of you all.



Riversiders... it's Wednesday!
That can only mean one thing... Mr Dodd's Assembly.
Watch, sing and dance to it together, at 9.30am, here https://youtu.be/_GYvaNgMXOA Thank you Mr Dodd! #AlwaysARiversider
Miss McNabb and Mrs Owen xxx
Good morning Riversiders! It's Mrs Lahive here!
Hope you and your family are all keeping well. On this page your class teacher is going to be setting you weekly challenges every Monday.
Your first challenge is to complete your work pack that you took home from school and do a little act of kindness for someone everyday.
I want you to do this like the five star Riversider you are.
On Monday your teacher will set you your next challenge.
For each weekly challenge you complete there will be 100 points awarded.
When we get back to school we are going to take all of you who have made a five star effort with your challenges, on the trip of a lifetime!
Challenges will include all sorts of things such as spellings, times tables, art and staying healthy exercises. You do not want to miss out!
Love to you all,
Can't wait for us all to be safely back in school xx