Children in Need - ON TV!

16th November 2018
Well, it was only the BBC who came calling asking for representatives from Riverside to appear on CHILDREN IN NEED on the 16th of November LIVE from the Chester Storyhouse studio!
So, (as usual!) last minute arrangements were made! Joining Archie and Mrs Weatherall was Mrs Wisbey and Jacob (Y5), Mr Patrick Regan (future Archie in the film) and Niamh Lahive.
It was a crazy night of 'no that wasn't right let's do it again' and 'can we have quiet please!' (which let me tell you isn't easy with a 5 year old - late at night!). But what an experience for everyone. We were interviewed by Roger Johnson (which made our Look North West pack complete after walking with Annabel Tiffin earlier) and joined by... yes you guessed it PUDSEY!
The short clips are recorded from another screen so we apologise for the poor quality... we are asking for the official copies!
Children in Need - Riverside's best bits!