Are you a Greek Geek? - Year 4

18th October 2019
Year 4 became Greek Gods and Goddesses today learning all about Ancient Greece. We began the day dressed in togas and wreaths researching the gods that inspired them so much. Then on to the hall to learn a traditional dance.
Next, we made leaf wreaths and Olympic torches to wear and carry later during our Olympic Games. We discovered a Greek mathematician: Eratosthenes, who taught us all about prime numbers (ask a year 4 child to sing the song!). Finally, we created a bank of exciting and interesting vocabulary to describe Echo and Narcissus, which we will use in our writing next half term... watch this space!
In the afternoon we took to the playground where we re-enacted some Olympic games. Eventually it was time for a feast! We unearthed the true tastes of Greek cuisine: tzatziki, houmous, olives, figs, and 3 different Greek yogurts all dipped with pitta bread and washed down with only the finest red wine (Ribena!).
What a day! Watch out for the upcoming film that will sum up the day!
ρίξτε μια ματιά στις φωτογραφίες μας
(Take a look at our photos)
Well done to everyone at home who worked hard to create our Gods and Goddesses today.
Making our Greek vases.
Greek dancing.
Working hard on prime numbers, Greek wreaths and Olympic torches.
Only the finest Greek cuisine for year 4.